Holy Trinity Flower Festival - A Pilgrimage Through Life

Continuing that year's theme of Pilgrimage, a flower festival was held in Holy Trinity Church, Bere Alston, with various groups from the parish providing the arrangements.

The peninsula has strong historical connections with pilgrimage, with pilgrims starting their journey to the Holy Land or Santiago de Compostella by boat on the rivers Tavy and Tamar. There is a pilgrim window in St Andrew's Church which depicts a 14th century pilgrim, commemorating Sir William de Ferrers' journey to Jerusalem.

The flower festival depicts our pilgrimage through life. As you look through the arrangements, ask yourself who has been there for you, accompanying you on the way. What have been the significant events in your life? How might you prepare for the future and what resources do you need?

Thank you to all the groups and individuals who have made the festival possible.

Conception - Local History Group

Birth - HT Church (Helen Pike)

Nurture - The Craft Club (Children's Group)

Independence - Bere Ferrers Art Group

A Pilgrimage begins... - Local History Group

Letting go - HT Church (John Martin)

Flying the nest - Bere Alston Gardening Club

Romance - St Andrew's Church

Marriage - Bere Ferrers WI

The wisdom of age - Dee Dion

Death/New Life - St Andrew's Church

Four Seasons - Eileen Foster

Additional art work was provided by the Melville Road Art Group