Rector's Letter

Rector’s Letter June 2024

We are now in our ‘green season’ in church.  We colour code the different times and events throughout the year.  White or gold for the great celebrations of Easter and Christmas (50 days for each), purple for reflective times of Lent and Advent, red for saints and Pentecost, and green for ordinary time.

We have our main events from Advent through to Pentecost and now we can be ordinary, nothing ‘special’ until Harvest Festival – times and seasons are settled and we can simply get on with the routine of life.  This is important, this is good.  Rhythm is good.

Some times we reserve God for the special times, Christmas and Easter, funerals, celebrations and desperate times, and all that is good.  But God is also in the ordinary, the times when nothing particular is happening.  It is good to learn to spot God in the normal, everyday things of life.

The Devon hedges are coming to life.  Soon they will be overgrown and start to narrow the roads.  I love seeing the progression of flowers from the first snow drops, to the tall foxgloves; I look forward to the arrival of the swallows and the screech of the swifts (I’ve seen 5 this year).  They are normal; there is good evolutionary reasons they happen as they do and yet I give thanks to God for these little things and know life would be less if that should stop.

We all need our ‘green seasons’ where we just get on with the ordinary things of life; take the time to look under the surface and delight in the small things.  Read the poem, ‘Leisure’, by William Henry Davies and ask the same question, ‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stop and stare’

Nick Law