St Andrew's Photos

The church decorated for Easter

Looking towards the altar, with the old window. When the choir stalls were still there

The south aisle, from the Lady Chapel

South aisle, towards Lady Chapel

Main aisle, towards altar

Main aisle, towards back of church

North transept

The old window, far left, and the more modern one in the Lady Chapel

Carved pew ends

The Norman font

The plaque in memory of the New Zealand soldiers killed at Bere Ferrers station in World War I, plus the New Zealand flag

The view through the squint that would have been enjoyed by the Lord of the manor

The steps that now lead nowhere but would have led up above the rood screen

The fireplace opposite the squint, by which the lord of the manor would have sat in pleasant warmth! It is still used during the colder months

The organ, which was originally in what is now the Lady Chapel

The roof of the porch, with its carved bosses, including what is referred to in one place as the Green Man and elsewhere a 'cat floreate' - it is more properly a foliate beast head