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Rector’s Letter July 2018

I have just finished reading ‘Dissolution’ by C J Sansom, a murder mystery set in 1536 when the Reformation was in full swing and the monasteries were being closed down.  Faith was being redefined; what it meant to be a true follower of God was being fought over.  I was reading it while on holiday in Italy and I went in to St Mark’s basilica in Venice.  A truly beautiful building with statues and gold in plenty.  I went in to the Treasury and on show were some relics – various preserved body parts held in great esteem, alongside beautiful Byzantine items of semi-precious stones and gold and silver.  All these were the things that in the Reformation and the dissolution of the monasteries were being destroyed in England (with the valuable stuff going off to the King and Cromwell).

I began to wonder, how much can you strip away before you get to an irreducible core of Faith?  Church buildings can be helpful but aren’t required; silver chalice and ancient art can enhance worship but don’t make Faith; church councils, legal structures and money in the bank all help, but churches can grow with out them; even legal status is not required as we see in the persecuted church across the world.

So what is it?  I guess the first step of the journey of Faith is the idea that there is a god; then the thought that God might be knowable; and thirdly, to make this faith Christian, that God revealed God’s self in the person of Jesus Christ.  Everything else follows on.  God can intervene with even the most ardent sceptic, but more often than not it is a steady growth as we seek to know ‘God’.  Much can get in the way and that spark of wondering can be squashed by the pressures of life, but I think it is there in all of us, a wonder, and thought, a question, ‘Is there more to life than this?’

I think it is a great journey and when all is stripped away is simply about you and God.

Happy travels.


Nick Law




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