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Rector’s Letter December 2018

I write this on Wednesday 14th November and want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the Remembrance Day events so special.  It was great to see so many of the uniformed organisations out in force, the work Marie Hill did to arrange for the Tommy figures and of course the Royal British Legion.  As villages we have always done Remembrance well and I’m proud to be part of it.  It was great to have the horses and it made the march up to the hall all the more ‘memorable’.

But we move on.  Christmas and New Year are on their way.  I can’t say anything about Brexit because everything could be changed by the time you read this, everything sorted and agreed or a General Election called, it makes for uncertain times.

That is a prompt for me to say turn to God and look to Jesus and everything will be fine.  But have another look at the Christmas story.  Mary was pregnant before she was married in a society where that was punishable by death; her birth plan went out the window with the need to be 90 miles away in Bethlehem; an internally displaced person sleeping in a stable, before becoming an economic migrant, before fleeing to Egypt to get away from an oppressive despotic ruler. Usually the words ‘Ahh it’s Christmas’ happen with a little smile, but I’m not sure Mary and Joseph spotted the magic of Christmas at the time.

Yes it was the birth of the Son of God, yes everything in human history started to change, yes it was the means or restoring our relationship with God, but it was in the grit and reality of human mess and political upheaval.  I don’t wish that on anyone but we must acknowledge that for many people Christmas dinner will be from the Foodbank and keeping the house warm or buying presents will be a stark choice.

You are all welcome to the many and various church services (and they are free) and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year; invite God to join you in that.  If life is tough for you then invite God to join you, he’s been there before and knows what it’s like.  If I or other members of the Churches can be of any help, please get in touch.


Nick Law


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