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Rector’s Letter February 2019

Augustine of Hippo (AD 354 – 430) said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

If God did not exist, humans would invent one; there is a restlessness in each one of us that needs an external ‘Thou’ on which we can project the ‘I’ which is me.  Does that make sense?  There is no point in fighting it.  The advent of reason and logic, the rise of science does not and cannot answer the fundamental question ‘why’.  We know so much more about how, where and when, but that does not answer the question in our hearts of why this, why me, why am I who I am.

Faith has not been eradicated, belief in some higher being, form or life force has not diminished.  I believe it is in our DNA and perhaps is what distinguishes us from the animal world.  Maybe someone will discover the ‘faith gene’ and turn it off, but imagine what we would be like as human beings then.  I believe much of our discontent arises from a disconnect between our hearts and our outer life.

The rise of mindfulness, the increase in retreats, the awareness of where our food comes from and what we put in to our bodies all have this at its root.  Organised religion might be in decline but the search, the restlessness continues.

So what can the church offer (even if there is no such thing as God)?  The church offers structure for thought; it has been working on it for centuries and many of the world’s greatest minds have contributed to it.  It is not prescriptive and does not give the answer but offers space to search.  The church also provides community.  In an age of increasing loneliness the Church offers acceptance, fellowship and friendship.  The church offers companionship for the journey; none of us have arrived, but some have journeyed further than others and all have insight that can be shared.

There is a God who revealed what God is like in the person of Jesus.  If your heart is restless, come and journey with us


Nick Law


Family Matters

The Church Electoral Roll will be completely revised in April.  Every six years everyone comes off and has to reapply, so if you want to be on the Church Electoral Roll, please get in touch (This is completely different to the civil parish roll used for voting).

Pancakes Galore!  Two events to commemorate Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day 5th March).  3.30 in Trinity Hall, Bere Alston – a chance to make your own pancakes, flip them, eat them, do some crafts, have a story.  Open to adults and children (if children are left a consent form is required).  Just £2.00 each.  Book with Nick Law

Then in the evening a Posh Pancake Party in Bere Ferrers Church Hall, 7.00pm with a 3 course banquet.  Tickets at £8.00 (bring your own drinks); profits to the kitchenette and toilet work in church.  Book essential, tickets from Margaret Willmott or Nick Law.  

Kitchenette at Holy Trinity: we have the permission, we have the plans, we have the money, now we need the builders!  We need someone to do the groundwork, a carpenter / joiner and a plumber but builders seem to be very busy.  If you know people who might be interested in the work, please get in touch with me –




Jean Sharman: we would like to have a memorial service for Jean in Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday 12th February at 11.00am.  This is a locally organised service and will need those who knew her to contribute their memories (either in person on the day or written to Nick Law before hand).  This is a chance to say goodbye to someone who was very much part of our community.  More details from Nick Law 840229.  Pass the word!

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